Child & Adult Fixed Braces

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Fixed braces are a cost-effective solution for straightening teeth for both adults and children. Our friendly team is here to assist you and help you get the teeth you desire at any stage of life.

Adult Braces

Fixed braces also known as train track braces are available at any stage of life and it’s never too late to have them fitted.

Fixed braces use small brackets that are cemented to your teeth and connected together with a small wire. The wire is usually made of metal, although less visible ceramic versions can be used.

Child & Adult Fixed Braces
Child & Adult Fixed Braces

Child Braces

Fixed braces can correct a range of alignment issues for your child including overcrowding, over and underbites.

Fixed braces are particularly good for children as they are fixed in place and cannot be disrupted by the patient during treatment.

Treatment Process

Step One

Complete our contact form to arrange a consultation with us

Step Two

At your consultation we will talk you through your options and what we think will give you or your child the best results.

Step Three

We will condition your teeth and then apply the braces using cement and wire

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are braces (orthodontics)?

Fixed braces start at £2200 for metal braces.

What age is too old for braces?

It is never too old to have braces as long as your oral health is in good condition.

How long do I have to wear braces?

This will vary on the severity of the treatment needed but it ranges from 12 weeks to 2 years

Can I get braces on NHS?

Most patients under 18 can get braces on the NHS if they are needed. However, adults cannot get braces on the NHS, except in severe rare cases. Private treatments will always allow you to choose a more discreet option for adults and children.

Spread the cost with 0% finance

We understand that having the flexibilty to pay for your treatment over time is important for many. We have teamed up with Tabeo to offer finance to cover the cost of your treatment..

  • Apply online at home
  • Takes 30 seconds
  • Instant Decision

We can currently offer 0% finance for 10 months. 9.9% up to 24 months.

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