How Much Does Invisalign Cost in the UK?

Having crooked teeth can not only hurt your confidence but it can also cause serious dental issues over time. If you’re considering options for straightening your teeth, you’ve likely heard a lot about Invisalign. It’s a great option for straightening your teeth but how affordable is the treatment? This article will tell you everything you need to know about Invisalign and how much it costs. 

What is Invisalign Treatment?

Invisalign are clear aligners designed to straighten teeth and help with orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth and underbites/overbites. They are fully removable, unlike traditional metal braces, and therefore don’t have any wires or brackets.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Invisalign?

1. They’re discreet (virtually invisible)

As Invisalign are transparent and thin, they are very discreet. In fact, they are commonly known as ‘invisible braces’ for this very reason. The discreet properties make them a popular choice for those who don’t like the appearance of traditional braces, but still want to get the perfect smile! 

2. They are removable

Being fully removable is a huge benefit of Invisalign aligners, as it means you can take them out when it comes to eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth, for example. This allows you to maintain the best oral hygiene, without needing to worry about food getting stuck in your aligners, or missing spots when brushing due to braces.

3. They’re comfortable

Although plastic retainers don’t initially sound the most comfortable thing to wear, the Invisalign removable retainers are actually made from smooth, flexible plastic which is custom-made to your mouth shape, making them very comfortable.

4. They provide fast results

The average timeframe for seeing the full results of Invisalign is 6 months, whereas people often have traditional braces on for 2 years or more. This does vary from case to case, but we would be able to advise you further during your consultation.

5. They work!

Using advanced 3D imaging technology to get a digital scan of your mouth means we can predict results from the get go. So, as long as you stick to the recommended treatment plan, you will always get the results discussed and explained by your dentist at the start of your treatment.

Invisalign before and after image. Crooked teeth improved to perfect smile

How Much Does Invisalign Cost in the UK?

Once you have decided you want to go ahead with Invisalign, the next step will be looking into the treatment costs involved in getting a straighter smile.

The cost of “invisible braces” by Invisalign varies between dental practices, but also depends on a range of different factors. Firstly, the severity of your individual case is always assessed in order to provide an accurate quote. In addition to this, the total cost of your dental treatment will depend on the duration and how long it takes to get the results you’re after.

Currently, we offer Invisalign treatment starting from £3995, which is in line with the average cost of Invisalign in the UK. For an accurate quote, contact our expert team to book an initial consultation.

What’s Included in the Invisalign Price?

It’s important to note that when you opt for Invisalign with a trained dental professional, you are not only paying for the product, but also the advice, expertise, and ongoing care provided.

The Invisalign cost covers your consultation and 3D scan, where we work with you to plan out your custom treatment plan, as well as regular check-ins throughout to discuss progress and for you to pick up your new aligners.

Is Invisalign Available on the NHS?

It is very rare for orthodontic treatment for adults to be available with NHS funding, but it may be possible in some extreme circumstances.

In most cases, adults who desire orthodontic treatment with Invisalign will need to seek private orthodontic care and cover the costs themselves.

Is Invisalign Cheaper than Braces?

Invisalign can sometimes cost more than traditional metal braces, however this will depend on the complexity of the case. It is more important to determine which teeth correction method most suits you, whether it’s Invisalign or traditional braces, and then look at the costs and determine whether it fits in with your budget, rather than making a decision solely based on the cheapest option.

Are Invisalign Braces Worth the Money?

Invisalign treatment is an effective way of correcting crooked teeth – and the results make it well worth the investment. The fact that the results can be predicted from the get-go gives you peace of mind that you are getting value for money.

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