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We believe in high quality, affordable dental care.  That is why we are partnering with Denplan to continue to give our patients the very highest standards of care.

Denplan Essentials

  • Check Ups Included
  • Hygienist Visits Included
  • 10% Discount on Routine Care
  • Access To Emergency Care

Denplan Care

  • Check Ups and Hygienist Included
  • All Routine Care Included
  • All Emergency Care Included

Both Denplan payment plans include optional supplementary insurance cover, which includes:

• Worldwide injury and emergency cover
• Mouth Cancer cover (up to £12,000)
• Access to our exclusive 24-hour Worldwide Dental Emergency Helpline
• If you choose not to include Denplan Supplementary insurance 60p will be deducted from your monthly fee

As an existing patient of the practice we can use your dental history to calculate your monthly care costs online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Compare Our Plans

Denplan Care

Whats included in your Denplan Care:

  • BAND A = 1 Exam / 2 Hygiene
  • BAND B= 2 Exams / 2 Hygiene
  • BAND C= 2 Exams / 4 Hygiene
  • BAND D= 2 Exams / 4 Hygiene
  • BAND E= 2 Exams / 4 Hygiene

At your initial assessment visit your dentist will tell you which band you fall into.  This is based on your oral health risk.

Denplan Care bands cover necessary x-rays, necessary fillings, root fillings, crowns, bridges and dentures.  All you’ll need to pay in addition is lab fees (for example if you need a crown or denture) and for specialist care if we need to refer you.

You’ll also receive 20% discount off cosmetic treatments at the practice.

Find out your monthly fee

Denplan Essentials

What’s included on Denplan Essentials:

  • BAND C = 2 Exam / 2 Hygiene
  • BAND D = 2 Exams / 4 Hygiene
  • 10% Discount off treatment costs

ESSENTIAL Monthly Fees for 2019/20:
C – £16.27
D – £28.79